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How to Book Classes

We are currently open. We have temporarily capped classes at 20 people. If you scroll down, you can see our new sign in policies in detail. The first 15 spots are reserved until 10 minutes before class start time To book classes online, simply go to wellnessliving.com then use your existing email address as your login. If you have been here before, there is no need to create a new login for yourself. Simply use the one that you used when filling out your waiver, then click "forgot my password" if you need to reset it. If you are new, please create a new login for yourself.

What does waitlist mean?

We recently changed our maximum capacity. If you are one of the first 5 people on the waitlist, good news, you will make it into class! Please be there in person at least 10 minutes before class starts to be let in. If you are person 6+ on the waitlist, you have to wait in person at least 10 minutes before class starts and if a spot becomes available or there is a no show.

About no shows...

If you aren't going to come, please don't book a class!

No touching, please!

We love you all SO MUCH, but for now, please refrain from hugging your teachers or shaking their hands.

Sanitary Guidelines

Please wash your hands for 20 seconds (Sing happy birthday twice) with soap and water both before and after class. Please stay home if you are sick or showing allergy symptoms. We will keep the yoga school as sanitary as possible, disinfecting all surfaces multiple times a day and using disinfectant on our yoga mat rentals. We do strongly urge you to bring your own mats at this time.

March 13, 2020

Dear Students,

We are implementing some changes to the way you sign into class effective 4:30pm class today until further notice. The current situation is changing quickly and we will continue to monitor the situation diligently. Please make sure to look out and read any additional communications from us during this time. We want to do our part to protect our communities both within and outside of the yoga school, even if it is a change of habit.

Starting 4:30pm Friday, 3/13:

  • We will be changing maximum class capacity to 20 people to help with social distancing. This is about a third of our room capacity.

  • The first 15 places can be reserved online, and we will hold 5 spaces for waitlist or no shows to be released 10 minutes before class start time. You can reserve a spot online by logging into wellnessliving.com and using this email address.

  • If you cannot make it to class for your reserved spot, we ask that you call us to let us know.

  • If you do not arrive for your reserved spot, we will release it 10 minutes before class start time.

  • If you are unable to make it to a busy class time, our earliest morning class and 8:15pm class usually have room.

  • During sign in, we will ask you to spell your name verbally so you do not have to touch any pens. We know most of your names anyways! It will be easy!

  • We ask that students please wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before and after each class.

  • When it becomes available, we will provide hand sanitizer at the front desk, though current guidelines suggest frequent and thorough hand washing remains the best way to keep illness at bay.

  • Please do not shake hands or hug your teachers right now. We really care about you, but I would like for you and my teachers to remain healthy!

We will continue to be diligent with our updated cleaning protocol. Please remain calm and know that we are doing what we can and are making several plans to implement, depending on current public health guidelines.

Again, please stay home if you are showing any symptoms of illness. Please keep the personal space around you clean and lay clean mats or towels over the ballet barre before use. Please consider bringing your own mat if you have skin that is sensitive to our newer mat disinfectant.

With gratitude and love,




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