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Yoga ShapeShifting Workshop with Mary Jarvis

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Help us welcome Mary to the yoga school with this transformative workshop!

Mary Jarvis Yoga ShapeShifting Workshop

Mary Jarvis will be returning to our community December 1st-3rd for three TRANSFORMATIVE days of yoga. These workshops are energy-shifting, healing and accessible to all bodies. Mary will be teaching a Bikram Yoga class each day followed by a 15 minute break and then a Yoga Shapeshifting Workshop.

You can bring lunch, a change of clothes and extra towels. Please help up keep the yoga school neat and clean for all our regular students!

About Mary

Mary has been teaching and practicing hot yoga for almost 40 years. She has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and compassion. Every time she comes we learn something new! She has served as a mentor to countless teachers over the years and has coached many yoga champions. She is twice named "Who's Who in Bikram Yoga" by Yoga Journal Magazine as one of the top three Bikram teachers in the world! She is a leading expert on the use of yoga for injury and healing. You will gain a refreshing perspective on this yoga practice - and you will shapeshift!

What to Expect

Here's the Schedule:

  • Friday (December 1st)- 11:30-6pm

  • Saturday (December 2nd)- 12pm-6pm

  • Sunday (December 3rd)- 12pm-5pm

We will start each day with a slightly longer Bikram-style hot yoga class. There will be a short break for light snacks. Then we'll get right into shifting our shapes with the Five Tibetan Rites, barre work, handstands and backbends and more conditioning and therapeutic yoga practices. Mary teaches all these things in a way that is accessible to all, from beginners to seasoned practitioners.

Bring an extra pair of fresh close to change in after class, an extra mat towel and snacks for our mini break between classes (there is a Marianos about 5 or 6ish blocks southeast of the school if you need to pick some up!)

Regular classes will be running during the workshop. Please help us keep the school clean by mopping up any sweat puddles around you with towels and keeping your changing room area as neat as possible.

3 Days $270.00 | 2 Days $202.00 | 1 Day (Any Day) $115.00

We can't wait to see you all there!

It's going to be FUUUUUN!!!!!

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