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Becoming a yoga teacher has been the most fulfilling and enriching experience of my life. You will have the ability to create deep transformational change first for yourself, then with time, for others without any expectation of anything in return. It is fullness that has always existed and will always exist in you. All are invited, but there are only a few spots available.

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Cat Levine


Be Yoga Teacher Training

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Our values are inclusion, fairness, compassion, discipline, equality, mutual respect, love and peace. In this comprehensive OHYA accredited Teacher Training, we will train you to teach the original hot yoga sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. It will be completed mostly in person and partly online with some guest lecturers from around the yoga world. Currently, we are planning for one intensive month, followed by 4 follow-up weekends with part-time posture clinics. Our dates for the teacher training are August 9-September 4, followed by 4 weekends. We will have limited spots and will do as many lectures and posture clinics outside in the grass while it is beautiful out! 

The goal of the teacher training is to set you on a lifelong path of self-discovery and allow you to teach the best yoga class you can. You will develop your knowledge of the postures, yoga philosophy, ethics and more. You will discover many things about yourself in the process. This is meant to be a rigorous training, not a yoga retreat, so please do keep that in mind. There is a transformational shift that happens to people during an intensive teacher training. As such, we will not be accepting part-time participants.

We are pleased to invite a number of lecturers from around the yoga world to lecture on the following units:

- Teaching the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises of the original hot yoga sequence 
- Posture clinics to develop confidence, voice and effective delivery 
- Anatomy and Physiology 
- Yoga and the Heart and Lungs

- Yoga history and philosophy

- History of the Ghosh Lineage of Yoga
- Energetic anatomy and chakras
- Trauma-Informed Teaching
- Racial equity/unconscious bias training 
- Gender inclusivity training 

- Yoga and Thermoregulation

- Current Scientific Reseach on Hot Yoga

- Teaching a virtual yoga class
- CPR/AED training 
- Other lectures are to be confirmed

- Lots of laughter guaranteed! 

Your teachers and lecturers will include: Cat Levine (Primary teacher), Val Skylar Robinson (Pasadena, 20+ years experience Professional Development/Anatomy), Balwan ( Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Talks, LA), Lizzy Hoffman (40+ yoga years Yoga History and Philosophy, Energetic Anatomy), Dr. David Thoele, cardiologist (What happens in the heart and lungs in yoga,) Dr. Jennifer Jones (Trauma-informed teaching), Ian O'Laughlin (Owner, Thrive Hot Yoga), Allan Santos (Yoga teacher and life coach),  and more to be confirmed. 

The week's schedule for the intensive will look something like this:

Monday-Friday: 2 yoga classes plus 2-3 additional hours of yoga practice based posture clinics. There will be an additional 2-4 hours of teaching clinics and lecture.

Saturdays: 1 yoga class plus 3-4 hours of teaching posture clinic

The follow-up weekends will include units on corrections for injuries, pregnancy, limited range of motion and more.

The cost of the training is $5,000 and will include an OHYA  teacher directory listing, a CPR/AED certification and 40+ hours of continued mentorship with Cat over at least 6 months. Your spot will be secured after paying a $1,000 non-refundable deposit.

While we will try our best to help you out, we cannot guarantee that teacher trainees will have teaching positions at our yoga school.

For more information or to apply, please contact us below. Once the application and deposit are received, you will receive a trainee agreement with ethical standards and community agreements as well as a portion of the teaching dialogue. The full dialogue will be received upon payment of the full training amount. 

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** Please note a completed application is not a guarantee of acceptance into the program**


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BIPOC Scholarship Application

At Be Yoga Andersonville, we recognize that structural and institutional racism often means that people have unequal access to quality yoga education. We also recognize that there is unequal representation of different people who have a voice as teachers. Because we are committed to inclusion and diversity, we would like to offer one partial scholarship per training to help make yoga more accessible to all. 

I believe that it is impactful and powerful to have teachers who look like you. 

To be eligible for scholarship, you must have a strong commitment to yoga and self-identify as a BIPOC. Special consideration will be given to LGBTQIA+ folks. 

The scholarship will cover 60% of the teacher training fees, leaving $2,000 as the cost of tuition for scholarship recipients, plus the cost of books. 

We are considering applicants who have a strong desire to give back to the community at Be Yoga and also to other communities they are part of. We are looking for applicants whose values align with ours. We will consider, but cannot promise, a work-trade arrangement for up to an additional $500 of teacher training costs. This may be volunteer teaching with partner non-profit organizations or at the yoga school. 

We welcome people of any race, ethnicity, size, fitness level, gender identity or expression, nationality, sexual orientation, ability level, religion, culture, subculture, political opinion, identity, and self-identification. ALL ARE WELCOME here!

BIPOC Scholarship Application


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