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Updated: May 26, 2020

Not sure which class to come to? Here's a summary of the classes we offer whether it's your first day or 20th year of practice.

It doesn't matter who you are, you can always do yoga.

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Unless otherwise noted, our classes on the schedule are the beginner-friendly yoga class that we are known for. 

This is a 90-minute long, hatha yoga class in a heated room. All you need to practice yoga is a spine! In your class you will find students of all shapes, ages and abilities. We all practice and grow together in the hot room, no matter how long you have been coming or if you are new. We practice in a judgment-free room together, whether it's your first or 1000th visit. We support each other and are all on the same roadmap. This is our favorite class and this is what we are known for.


This is a shorter, slightly faster-paced version of the hot hatha yoga class we are known for. This class is still in the Bikram tradition of the classic 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises. We just do fewer sets for most of the postures. If you are tight on time, this is the one for you!


This 60-minute class is exactly the same as our regular yoga class, but in silence! It is led by a teacher in the front of the room. You must be familiar enough with the sequence to do it without formal instruction. Not for beginners.


This therapeutic and challenging 90-minute yoga class is an all-levels class. Created by Mary Jarvis, this original sequence of yoga improves your range of motion, strength and balance, body part by body part. Mary created this sequence to remove pain from her body after a car accident.


We introduce the body skills needed to begin work on advanced postures, arm-balancing, deeper backbending and inversions. This 90-minute intermediate class is based on the same lineage of yoga that our original hot yoga series is. Practiced in a warm room.


Warm room. In this all-levels class, we begin with sun salutations and move through postures and vinyasas from the Krishnamacharya lineage of yoga. Aura will teach Rocket vinyasa, which is a little faster-paced, and Cat teaches a slower vinyasa class.

Please feel free to send Cat an email with any questions about our programming!

It's never too late to start

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