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Keeping Your Focus

Find a single point of focus in the beginning of your practice and keep coming back to it.

90 Minute Moving Meditation

We've all been there when distractions interfere with our practice. When practicing without a mirror or in a space not dedicated to yoga (or sometimes even in a yoga class), the balance gets tricky and before we know it we're more frustrated than relaxed in our minds.

Finding a single point to focus our eyes on can help.

If you only have a plain wall in front of your, see if you can find a bump or scratch or even draw a little spot only you will notice with a pencil. If you do have a mirror, just pick a spot. You don't even have to look at yourself, just somewhere you can comfortable fix your gaze. Having a single point that you can keep returning to can help your mid relax even while your body is at 100% effort. It will help! You will feel more at ease in your practice.

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