Stay With Your Breath

And you will never be out of breath.

We are designed to breathe involuntarily- from the first breath of life, breathing should come naturally to us. But letting ourselves breathe involuntarily during yoga practice can lead to finding ourselves out of breath. Practice distinguishing between voluntary and involuntary breathing.

Take advantage of Pranayama Deep Breathing exercise. It can help you develop lung capacity: focus on filling the lungs as much as possible. Top to bottom, side to side.

During postures, breathing should be voluntary. You should be thinking about your breathing! Try for at least one full breath in stillness. Only go as deep into a posture as you can go maintaining the breath. Let the exhale happen naturally, even slowing it down to help retain a sense of calm and control.

Controlling your breath, will help your nervous system to relax and allows freshly oxygenated blood to travel through your body. You can us the breath to control your mind, to help you "concentrate, meditate." You can do this!


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