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Update: New Mask Guidelines

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Edited: 7/1

If you're fully vaccinated you can remove your mask on your mat AND in common areas!

New Practice Guidelines

Dear Students,

We've received many questions about the CDC's recent announcement that fully vaccinated people can resume activities without a mask.

With careful consideration, we have decided to update our safety protocols to allow fully vaccinated people to remove their masks in common areas as well as on their mats.

Beginning May 18th, if you are two weeks post final dose of your COVID-19 vaccine, you may remove your mask on your mat as well as in common areas.

We kindly ask that unvaccinated individuals to continue to keep their masks on at all times.

Even though we are relaxing our mask restrictions, we still ask everyone to be mindful of your peers; it is of the utmost importance to us to keep our yoga school a safe place for everyone to practice in.

Our deepest thanks for your patience and understanding. We are incredibly grateful to all of you for sharing this yoga with us. We are here because of you!

In gratitude,

Cat Levine (she, her, hers)

Owner, Be Yoga Andersonville

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