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30 Day Yoga Challenge

Change your practice, change your life

We always say in class that depth is simply repetition over time, so we thought a 30 day challenge would be the perfect way to deep dive into our yoga practices this February! Start any day between February 1-7. No need to sign up- we'll check our records to make sure you've taken a class.

If you come every day (virtually or in person) for 30 days starting in the first week of February, not only do you get 10 dollars off next month’s membership, but you also get a free entry into the raffle to participate in our Yoga Bender Weekend next month!

Yoga Bender coming in March!

This is going to be an especially awesome weekend filled with lots of yoga and lots of laughter. We will be deep diving into our practices, learning drills and exercises to work on specific parts of postures, and, most important, having an amazing time!

You Can Do This

More than the perks of completing the 30 Day Challenge though, practicing with this kind of consistency is a great way to get to know this yoga, feel better physically, and steady our minds! Yoga is so much more than just exercise; it promotes both physical and mental health. Challenge on!

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