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Advanced Class!

Starting Sunday, February 21, you can join us for a deeper exploration into our lineage of yoga!

We are so excited to get to practice these exciting asanas with you!

Ghosh Lineage of Hatha Yoga

The majority of the classes of we offer at Be Yoga are a beginner-friendly, accessible but still challenging 26 postures and two breathing exercises. They were put together by Bikram Choudry, who was a student of Bishnu Ghosh, which is why we say we are a part of the Ghosh Lineage. These 26 postures, or asanas, are a part of a bigger picture of 84 asanas that Ghosh taught, which we refer to as Advanced Class. Hatha Yoga just means the yoga of force; in other words, it the physical practice of yoga asanas to help us get to the point of union, body, mind and soul.

Advanced Class

You can expect a challenging and rigorous class. We will do all of the 26 postures we do in the beginner friendly class, but in a different order and with variations. We will explore the rest of the 84 postures. It takes a bit of time to make it through all of the postures but it is so fun! We will laugh and make our best efforts. If a posture seems inaccessible, we have variations that can be teaching tools to help us eventually get into the more advanced postures. We look forward to seeing how we will all grow and improve by taking this class regularly!

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