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Beat the Stink!

Tips for How To Care for Your Yoga Clothes and Stay FRESH

Follow these steps to get your clothes fresh and clean again: 1.  Wash your clothes as soon as you can after class. If they are not super sweaty you may be tempted to wear them again.  Do not do this.  They should be washed after every use. 2. If you can not wash right away, make sure you take them out of your bag.  Do not let them sit in a closed zipped up bag. Let them dry even if you are not washing them right away.

You can soak your clothes in white vinegar and water for up to 30 minutes (one part vinegar to 3 to 4 parts water), then rinse and let dry until you can wash them. 

3. When you get ready to wash your clothes, turn them inside out. Most odor causing bacteria is on the inside of your clothes.  Wash your yoga clothes together. Use cold water and be a bit stingy with your detergent.  I use about half of the normal amount. If clothes are a bit more stinky and you need a boost you can use about half a tablespoon of borax or baking soda. Do not use fabric softener on yoga clothes. It can create a film on clothes that can trap odors.  You can use white vinegar in place of fabric softener.  

4.  It is always recommended to air dry your yoga clothes.

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