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Chicago's Updated Mask Mandate - Aug. 20,

Dear Students,

The City of Chicago has mandated that all businesses require masks indoors regardless of vaccination status, beginning tomorrow, Friday, August 20. They will require that everyone ages two and older, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks in all public indoor settings, which includes the yoga school. This is a requirement of our local government. It means so much to us that you all have stayed with us through the ups and downs of the past year and a half. We will continue to teach exceptional and life-changing yoga classes. It is the greatest privilege of my life to help support you in healing or at least feeling better. We are in deep gratitude to all of you for our ability to be able to stay open during this time. I see a future of us together, thriving. It is an honor to see you walk in our doors every time you do and we are all so grateful for you. We will continue to teach so you may experience the phenomenal benefits of this yoga we all love. We will get through this together, with high hopes for the future. With love and gratitude,

Cat (she/her/hers) Here are some reminders of some things you can do to keep our community safe, as well as the precautions BYA is taking to do the same. Here's what you need to know:

  • Masks are required at all times

  • Your temperature will still be taken on arrival.

  • Please wash your hands upon arrival.

  • 28 spaces for the main hot room will be available to students.

  • Our main hot room has a capacity of 60 people, there will still be plenty of space for social distancing

  • Most classes will still be available over Livestream, so you can practice anywhere!

  • We disinfect the locker rooms and all high touch surfaces before and after every class.

  • We use a one way air filtration system that sanitizes and pulls in air from the outside and removes stale air from inside the room

  • We have recently gotten our one-way HVAC air system deep-cleaned and sanitized

  • There is an air scrubber installed in our one-way HVAC system, which sanitizes the constant airflow into the room

Our mission is to teach students of all abilities, ages and conditions to create positive change, body, mind, soul in a welcoming and supportive space. We start with the spine.

We welcome people of any race, ethnicity, size, fitness level, gender identity or expression, nationality, sexual orientation, ability level, religion, culture, subculture, political opinion, identity, and self-identification. ALL ARE WELCOME here!


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