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How to Clean Your Yoga Mat!

Taking Care of Your Mat and Defeating Stink Before it Starts

Check out this great video with tips and tricks on how to clean your yoga mat! It is pretty easy to keep your mat in top shape.

Use a Good Mat

If your mat is already pretty stinky, there is very little to be done. We highly recommend that you invest in a new mat. You should clean your mat after every practice. Always let your mat dry completely before rolling it up. Letting a wet mat sit rolled up is one of the main causes of a stinky mat. The type of mat you use also makes a huge difference. We recommend using a closed-cell, antimicrobial mat. The spongier mats are not recommended, in particular for hot yoga. We tend to sweat quite a bit in our classes and practicing on a sweaty, absorbent mat will lead to a smellier practice.

Use a Mat Spray

The easiest way we've found to care for our mats is by using a mat spray. We use the following recipe for a mat spray here at Be Yoga Andersonville.

15 drops each of tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and lavender oil mixed with approximately 32 oz of water in a standard-sized spray bottle. Shake well.

After every use, spray the mat thoroughly and let dry. Always let your mat dry completely before you roll it up. Please be aware that some people have a sensitivity to tea tree oil. You can spot test a few drops of diluted oil on your skin to see if you are reactive to it before using it.

Soap and Sponge

The other recommended way to clean your mat is using a gentle soap on a clean, damp sponge and thoroughly wiping your mat down. Only use a little bit of soap. Too much soap will leave your mat slippery for the next time you practice. Let your mat dry completely before you roll it up :)

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