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Original Hot Yoga Teacher Training!

Our values are inclusion, fairness, compassion, discipline, equality, mutual respect, love and peace. In this comprehensive OHYA accredited Teacher Training, we will train you to teach the original hot yoga sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. It will be completed mostly in person and partly online with some guest lecturers from around the yoga world.

Currently, we are planning for one intensive month, followed by 4 follow-up weekends with part-time posture clinics. Our dates for the teacher training are August 9-September 4, followed by 4 weekends. We will have limited spots and will do as many lectures and posture clinics outside in the grass while it is beautiful out!

The goal of the teacher training is to set you on a lifelong path of self-discovery and allow you to teach the best yoga class you can.

You will develop your knowledge of the postures, yoga philosophy, ethics and more. You will discover many things about yourself in the process. This is meant to be a rigorous training, not a yoga retreat, so please do keep that in mind. There is a transformational shift that happens to people during an intensive teacher training. As such, we will not be accepting part-time participants.

Apply here!

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