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Private Classes

Do you have questions about postures? Looking to grow in your practice? Hoping to spend more time in the hot room?

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standing bow pulling pose

Private classes are a wonderful way to work on corrections and techniques to develop your practice for your particular body. They are currently the only option for being able to practice in a hot room.

With a private teacher, you can learn the fundamentals of postures in further depth, at your own pace. When a solid foundation in practice is established, you can grow confidence, see the changes happening in your body and enjoy the process.

We have several options available for private classes. Please take a moment to consider the questions below.

Questions to consider before you start:

  • What would be the best thing be for you coming out of a yoga class Are there particular body skills that you are looking for?

  • Would you prefer a workshop style private (where we work on a few skills) or a class style (less in-depth but includes the whole series?)

  • What style class a you interested in? Bikram Yoga, Shapeshifting, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra are all available.

  • What days and times work best for you? Do you have a particular teacher preference?


$120- 90 minute Private Class in heated room

$100- 90 minute Private Class without heat

$80- 90 minute Shared Private Class with heat - This is where the room might be shared with another private class, but you would still only be working with one teacher.

Sign up here. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are here for you! Email us at

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