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Sam's Miso Soup

This recipe has been adapted from TiffyCooks’s blog ( Her other recipes on her website are AMAZING so please check them out!

In Japan, it is common to start the day with a bowl of miso soup.

Besides the benefit of getting a healthy dose of umami before work/school, this soup also has a slew of health benefits that set you up to feel great all day.

The fermented miso is bountiful in beneficial bacteria for a happy gut, the seaweed promotes thyroid function, and the dashi has shown to lower blood pressure and is rich in B-12 for an energy boost.

Asia on Argyle

There are some ingredients in this recipe that require you to go to one of the many asian markets around Argyle. If these markets are not regular stops for you, I’d recommend Tai Nam Food Market and Park to Shop Supermarket, but before we shop, I think it is important and interesting to take a look at a small part of Chicago history to get a better understanding of where these markets are:

In the 1960s, the Argyle neighborhood established itself as the “New Chinatown,” a phrase coined by Jimmy Wong, the Chinese restaurateur who spearheaded the creation of this cultural landmark. Thus, when Southeast Asian immigration spiked in the 1970s after the fall of Saigon, the Argyle neighborhood was well set up to become busier and more concentrated with Cambodian entrepreneurs, Thai florists, Vietnamese chefs, and Laotian families. Wong passed the baton to Charlie Soo in the late ‘70s to further the promotion of the neighborhood, and after tireless campaigning for city money, the establishment of local cultural traditions, and an entry into the National Register of Historical Places, it has become the “Asia on Argyle” we know today.



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