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Stillness in the posture, stillness out of the posture

Life is always moving. Make your practice your time. Find your point of focus, your place of stillness, early in your class. Keep coming back to it.

Be Here Now

Be okay with where your body is today. Do your best posture and then just breathe. Hold in stillness. This is the meditation. Find the same stillness you have when you're relaxed while you are in the posture. Be aware! Notice your stillness. Find balance. Even if you feel you should do more, it's better just to hold in stillness. You are here now.

Stillness takes effort in the mind. It is not mindless. It is an active process; you are aware of your stillness. It can take time to get our restless thoughts to stop distracting us. But the single focus, the one-pointedness of stillness will become more natural. It can change your practice and your life.

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