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Yin Yoga

Yes, this is also yoga. The effects of this deeply relaxing style of yoga are similar to a massage. Sign me up.

Most of our classes are hot, active and energizing. But sometimes you need to balance that with a little calm. We have the perfect thing.

Every Sunday evening, Ari teaches a tranquility inducing Yin Yoga class with effects similar to receiving a massage.

Benefits of Yin Yoga

Yin classes are great for whatever might be ailing you. The slow calm pace, low lighting and long holds in gentle stretching postures has a myriad of benefits. It can lead to relaxation and deeper sleep. Increased mobility, decreased pain/inflammation and emotional/mood regulation are also benefits. It can also reduce bloating and help to regulate blood sugar.

This type of yoga is a great complement to more active forms of yoga. Athletes can benefit from the reduction in tissue inflammation to help with recovery and avoid injury.

Yin Yoga is every Sunday at 5pm and is available both in-person at the yoga school and over livestream. Sign up at Students may want to be prepared with props in this class, such as blocks, to support the body so they can more fully relax in the postures.

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